MME A-S DÅVIK runs a small atelier outside Stockholm, where she strives to make timeless garments and jewellery that reflect her commitment to pure expression. Carefully selected references and impressions inspire wearable and useful pieces in beautiful materials.

MME A-S DÅVIK is committed to a responsible product. Her philosophy is to make most of the products to order, to avoid overproduction, to be thoughtful about who each product is for, not to put anything in the world that doesn’t have a destined, careful owner.

Sustainability is a natural part of every decision. Fabrics are highest-quality carryovers from Italian mills, mostly 100% wools, silks, cottons or linens - materials that, with the proper care, will last for generations. Sterling silver and gold are both recycled, and stones are mostly reclaimed.

MME A-S DÅVIK does not hold stock. Each product, apart from unique special pieces,
is made upon your order.