MME A-S DÅVIK is a small atelier outside Stockholm for atelier made / to order / garments and jewellery - shipping worldwide.

Carefully selected references and impressions inspire commitment to a pure expression. Strong / sensitive / clear.  
Historical /contemporary / timeless.
Handmade / heartful / careful.
Practical /elegant / poetic.

MME A-S DÅVIK do not put anything into this world that doesn't have a destined owner. 
Sustainability is a natural part of every decision. Fabrics are high quality carryovers from Italian mills. Mostly wools, silks, cottons or linens - materials that, with proper care, will last for generations. All jewellery are made from recycled sterling silver or 18k gold and the stones are mostly reclaimed.

Authenticity and values are important to the well being of the human being. So is beauty and the feel of things. To take responsibility and action is vital - to us, our belongings and surroundings. 
To commit to a purchase and wait 6-8 weeks for it to be made and delivered is for most people a new way of experiencing how to buy a piece of jewellery or garment. My hope is that you are ready to move forward and try new ways. I promise I will do my best to make you satisfied.